• Birthday dinner

    One of the things I love to do is trying different restaurants and street food places. This night, in particular, was my birthday and I celebrated with friends at one of my favorite restaurants in LA.

  • Going to Sonora Mexico

    Every year I like to take a trip with my hubby to visit my mom and dad. It feels so good to have home cooked meals that my mom likes to make for us every time we visit.

  • I love the outdoors

    I really enjoy going outside for walks and during the winter I like going to the mountains and enjoying the snow with family.


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      Sinaloa Style Shrimp Tacos

      FOOD - TRAVEL - 01.21.2019

      One thing you will definitely notice me write about frequently is food from Sinaloa which is where my family is from. Especially seafood since that is what Sinaloan food is most famous for. Every time we visit my parents in Mexico, this is a must.


      Quality Family Time

      RELATIONSHIPS - 12.19.2018

      One thing that has always been one of the most important things in my life is family. Making sure that I spend as much quality time with them as possible has been a priority. Whether it's my brother and sisters up north, my parents down south or all the cousins, uncles, nieces and nephews in between, there is nothing better than spending time with family.


      Taking Pictures

      PHOTOGRAPHY- 11.01.2018

      This is a new hobby for me. I remember as a very young girl I always loved taking pictures and now I've been learning more about photography from my hubby who also started getting into it lately. So far I've been more of a model for him but pretty soon I'm hoping to learn more and get better at taking pictures.



      Are You Hungry? Let's Make Something Yummy

      If you've had a conversation with me about food the one thing you know for sure is that I prefer cooking at home. Not only is it healthier and makes you feel better but it brings me so many happy memories of when my mom used to make delicious home cooked meals for us. Now I know why she enjoyed cooking so much too. I love it when I hear those eating my food how much they enjoy what I've made for them.



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