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TRAVEL - 01.22.2019

November 2, 2018, was the date when I took my first pregnancy test. It was a cheapie test that I had and figured why not. I was already at 15 DPO (days past ovulation) and the feeling of not knowing was killing me. I decided not to tell my boyfriend, Gerald and tested in the restroom alone. In less than three minutes a line appeared, very faint but it was there.

No wonder my breast were extra sensitive and I was extremely tired. I gave the news to Gerald but he said it was probably negative since it was faint. I knew it was real. Baby Lopez was on its way to us.

My first doctor’s appointment was at four weeks and five days. Being a mom has always been something I have dreamt of but thought it would be impossible. I might feel ready for what is to come but who really is? Keep reading below.


During the first trimester, I noticed that any strong odors of would make me gag. My odor senses have increased by a thousand percent, I can smell everything! It is not a good trait. The good thing is I never vomited. I have a very good appetite but during this time I had to eat smaller portions. Too much food would make me feel sick.

The First Ultrasound

This is a picture of the first time we got to see our little baby Lopez. It was Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. We didn't know what to expect but we were very happy to find out that everything was going great. I was six weeks and 5 days. We even got a chance to see the baby's heartbeat.


I am definitely a person who loves naps, but being pregnant took me to a whole other level. During work, I felt extreme tiredness, even on days where I had had more than eight hours of sleep. Nap time is essential for a pregnant woman. There are days when I wanted to clean the house but my body would tell me to stop and just relax. I can’t even explain the feeling. You just know you need to stop and take time to breathe. Baby needs that energy.


This baby was planned since about two years ago. I had been taking prenatal vitamins for about a year and had started to omit certain foods from my diet. I started to avoid coffee mostly and anything high in sugar. I then started to crave sour and salty foods. Specifically spicy pickles. I noticed that oranges with tajin made my tummy super happy. Any sweets made my stomach churn. Having a healthy oatmeal shake was a must during my weekly routine. Check out my recipe. Simple, healthy and delicious. (link to shake recipe)


I had recently started to workout but when I found out I was pregnant I stopped. I had had a miscarriage before and I didn’t want to jeopardize my second pregnancy. Yoga and walking have been the only exercises I do now. I mostly stretch and look for safe pregnancy videos on Youtube. Most of all I enjoy taking my dog Buddy on daily walks. It is great for him and for mommy.


Since I had had a miscarriage before, during every second of my current pregnancy I am scared. Some days more than others. I noticed every change in my body. I recall feeling a pinch and thought, “I am pregnant. It is happening.” This was a couple of weeks before my missed period. Having two sisters who have had three kids each, I asked the experts. They just told me that I thought about being pregnant too much.

Maybe I did, but this time I was right. All l could think about is “Please reach 13 weeks and you’ll be ok” but even though I am currently 15 weeks I am terrified of the unknown. I am for the most part positive. I tell my baby that he or she is strong. That Baby is loved. I just want these scary moments to go away. In spite of that, I can’t live in fear. So I have decided to enjoy each moment of pregnancy. No matter what I am a mommy already.


Wow, is all I can say! I truly don’t recognize myself these days. I am usually a very emotional person (ask my hubby) (this is what I call him). I have noticed that I am very nonchalant these days. Not crying or getting angry all the time. Baby Lopez has definitely calmed me down. I really hope this continues postpartum.


I have always been a thin girl. Nevertheless, in the last three years or so I noticed I have gained weight gradually. I would love to be in better shape, but at the moment I just want my baby to be safe. I have not gained to much weight so far. No matter how much I gain, I just hope it is for my baby’s health. My breasts are pretty big at the moment. A double D since I last checked. I haven’t noticed any more growth but they are veiny and my areolas are a bit darker. Stretch marks are something that I have been thinking about for sure. I don’t have any stretch marks on the belly so far. I know that they will most likely pop up after I give birth. Nonetheless, I am taking minor precautions. I have been trying the Burts Bees Belly cream. It feels light and absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. I want to purchase other creams and some oils I have researched. I will keep you gals updated. (insert pic of Gerald and I )


During my first trimester, I really wanted to see the first ultrasound. It made me so happy to see a small ball inside that was going to change into a cute babyish!!! (baby) I am now looking forward to feeling Baby Lopez kick me. But most of all for Daddy Gerald to start to bond with baby. I am always happy to see him happy. I can’t wait for what is to come. Daddy, mommy, and Buddy love you Baby Lopez!

Any advice from mommies welcomed! I need reading material mostly but I also enjoy a great Youtube video or Instagram page.

Now, what will it be a GIRL or BOY??? Any guesses??? Let me know down below on the comment what you think we are having. Gender reveal coming soon! Janini sends you some kisses and hugs! XOXO


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