My Pregnancy Journey


The thought of one day becoming a mom should be a happy thought, yet I get scared of the idea of not being able to conceive. My fertility journey hasn’t been too great. I have been with my boyfriend now for 6 years. We had been actively trying for two years to have a baby. I was very pessimistic. I never thought I would get pregnant.

My journey began back in May 2017. My boyfriend suggested we go see a fertility specialist in Mexico. The doctor had a blood test done as well as an HSG test. This test was to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked. The test showed that they were. They unclogged them. This moment gave me hope. My gynecologist informed me that my hormone levels were pre-menopausal. He then suggested that I start on Clomid and estradiol pills. Estradiol is a pill to help your estrogen levels increase or balance out. On the other hand, Clomid helps with ovulation. I had read about Clomid and some success stories, so I was very excited to begin the treatment. I had to take the pills for six cycles. The only negative about these pills were the side effects. I had hot flashes and crazy mood swings. This route was definitely not meant for me. I never once conceived on medication. Within much research online, I ran into a youtube channel about natural fertility. I was intrigued from the first video I watched. I had heard of vitex and maca root powder but never thought of how amazing they would be for my fertility.

The First Ultrasound

This is a picture of the first time we got to see our little baby Lopez. It was Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. We didn't know what to expect but we were very happy to find out that everything was going great. I was six weeks and 5 days. We even got a chance to see the baby's heartbeat.

Heather Rodriguez is the founder of Natural Fertility website. I loved reading her story. She had had two miscarriages. She mentioned that her doctor couldn’t help her avoid another loss. She had to wait for a third loss in order to get help. She is an herbalist and researched natural ways to help our bodies become stronger for conception. I started reading many success stories on her website. I then discover a product that many people had tried. It is called Fertility Cleanse. It is a cleanse for your liver and also your uterus. I started the cleanse in June 2018. I felt great during the cleanse. It was not a very tasty tea but it was bearable. The pills were fine to swallow. When I got my period I felt so at ease. I usually cramp and get very sad and moody. This period was easy breezy. I was making sure I knew when I was ovulating. I had an ovulation kit. When you are trying to conceive you feel everything that is going on in your body. I could feel my ovaries working. I was sure I was pregnant. During the week of ovulation I started to feel much discomfort when I would lay down in bed. Specially on my sides. I was sure I had an ovarian cyst or two.

Our dog Buddy

Spending some quality time with Buddy. He loves to cuddle with us any chance he gets.

On August 10th I went to the ER because I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I also had lots of pelvic pains. I was told that I had two ovarian cyst, one on each ovary. They ran blood test to rule out pregnancy. It was negative. I was advised to follow up with my gynecologist. It was August 28 when I finally went to see my doctor. I had been spotting the night before. I let her know. I was sure it was a late period since I am irregular. She made me take a pregnancy test and then asked for urine a second time. I was just wanting to go home. I was expecting a negative test like always. Little did I know I was pregnant. My doctor confirmed that it was a positive test and I burst into tears. I was in complete shock! I had been wanting to be a mom for so long. And now it was true, I thought it was a joke. Which is stupid to think of but that’s how used I was to truly never believing it would happen.

I then got home and gave my boyfriend a little onesie I had bought a year ago. It read “You are my father” from Star Wars. He thought I was telling him to pick up his dirty drawers. Definitely not! We were over the moon with excitement and joy. I even forgot I was spotting. I had an ultrasound the next day and I wouldn’t get the news until the following week. Later that week I started to spot more and more. I was even cramping. I had never felt such painful cramps. I knew something was wrong. I ended up in the ER that Friday and they told me that my levels were 1,000 which was low for 7 weeks. But I had hoped that maybe I was not that far along. Then I went back on Monday and my levels had dropped. I was having a miscarriage. I was devasted. So close to motherhood and yet so far. I felt like no one understood my pain

After my miscarriage, I was very sad but hopeful more now than ever before. I knew that the natural fertility website had teas and supplements that could help with my healing process. I purchased the Recovery Wellness Kit. It is a cleanse to help comfort and ease a woman’s body. It promotes hormonal balance as well. These products had given me hope and I had become an optimistic person overnight. I knew I would conceive sooner than later.

I made an appointment with my gynecologist and she suggested that I wait for two cycles before trying to conceive again. My hubby and I tried after one cycle. Before my next menstruation, I was pregnant. My diet had been the same for months. I would have my oatmeal shake every morning and avoided sugar and caffeine.

This just shows that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to improve our fertility. I read so many success stories that made me think “Why not me?” and here I am now 18 weeks pregnant. Don’t give up and do your research.

Here is a list of all the supplements and vitamins that helped me conceive:

1. Royal Jelly: Supports normal hormonal balance and it is a fertility superfood.
2. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: it is a tonic for pregnancy and labor, but it is also excellent as a nutritive and tonic in preparation for pregnancy.
3. Maca Root Powder: supports hormonal balance in men and women and encourages a healthy libido.



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