The Gender Reveal


I am feeling overly ecstatic about knowing if we will be having a baby girl or a baby boy! Becoming a mom has always been a dream of mine. My hubby and I didn’t really want to do a gender reveal but my brother and sisters insisted that we celebrate this moment and we are both glad we did.

We went to Bakersfield, California to celebrate with the family. I really wanted something super simple. A balloon would suffice, but my brother went beyond that. His partner’s family also helped. We had vegan food on the menu which was a nice change.The food was delicious. I think everyone's favorite was the vegan nachos and his partner’s sister made us a cute yellow cake with a bumble bee theme color and design. It had lemon flavor frosting and it was delicious. We all loved and enjoyed it and so did baby!

I wore a black polka dot dress to match and according to my sister it matched with the cake. Finally, after all the eating and everyone getting anxious to know the baby’s gender we finally popped the balloon! Gerald said that he wasn't really into the idea of having a gender reveal but after all the waiting even he was excited. It reminded him of when you wait for a big decision after a close championship boxing match where you don't know who won the fight and you have to wait for the judge's scorecards to announce the winner.

My dress

This is the dress that I wore for the gender real that according to my sister matched the cake.

The Gender Reveal Video


Wow! The balloon popped and everyone screamed when they saw the explosion of blue. It's a boy and we are beyond excited and happy. I had had dreams that I would have a girl but always wanted to have a boy first. I would have loved a baby girl as well but now my baby boy will someday be a great big brother and I love that idea! My hubby had always predicted it was a boy. I didn’t really have morning sickness, just some nausea but never vomited. (thank goodness!) My cravings mostly consist of savory, salty and citrus flavors. Most of that pointed to boy.

The happy father

Celebrating the news of his baby boy Liam with a shot of tequila.


Now I am just wanting to see my hubby be the best daddy ever. My heart is wanting to explode with happiness because I know he will be a great role model for our son. If you are wondering about the name, we already have it! His name will be Liam Lopez. My hubby and I had agreed on that name since we started trying to conceive. I am officially 18 weeks and time seems to be moving faster. We can’t wait to meet our sweet baby Liam!


"The force runs strong with this one" is what Gerald said about Liam a few months ago but I think I have the strong genes. What do you guys think? Will Liam look like daddy or mommy? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!


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