Vegan Ramen

LIFESTYLE - FOOD - 01.22.2019

Gerald has been obsessed with ramen lately and ever since I got pregnant I've been craving it. Maybe its Liam is craving it. It all started when his friends invited him to see them play in a tribute band at La Cita bar located next to Grand Central Market. We got there while they were doing their sound check and we were both extremely hungry since we didn't have time to have dinner. We stayed for a little bit but decided to go find something to eat while they did their thing.

I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of ramen in general but I did enjoy it. There were just other types of soups that I preferred. The first time I tried the spicy ramen soup at Ramen Hood I remember it being very flavorful from the very first sip. Gerald, on the other hand, looked like he had just tasted crack for the first time. I'm surprised he didn't burn his esophagus with how hot the soup was and how quickly he drank it. I know we were both very hungry but he devoured the ramen as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. To say that he loved and enjoyed it is a gross understatement. Ever since then we have been coming here frequently.


The first time we had it we ordered the spicy ramen as is with the vegan egg. It originally comes with bean sprouts, scallions, bok choy, king oyster mushrooms, nori, chili threads, and seaweed. To be honest, it's not that we didn't like the vegan egg, it's just that we didn't think it was worth the extra 2 bucks.

Vegan Ramen

If you like ramen whether or not you are interested in trying vegan food, you definitely need to try this tasty vegan ramen soup at Ramen Hood inside Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles.

Eventually, we ended up customizing our spicy ramen a little further by always ordering it without the bean sprouts and scallions since we both think it tastes better without them. Gerald isn't a big fan of the seaweed sheets but since I love them he always gives me his and it works out perfectly. Gerald always orders a side of the king oyster mushrooms but orders them on the side since he doesn't trust that they actually put the extra mushrooms in the soup. LOL.


We obviously come here for the ramen but they do have some other side dishes that are good as well. The first one I would like to mention is their avocado toast. This is definitely not your typical avocado toast. To be honest it reminds me more of sushi than toast but without the fish. It has a crispy rice cake, avocado spread, large slices of avocado on top and herb salad. Either way, it's still really tasty and worth trying. I would recommend you order it as a side dish to share which is what we usually do. Another side dish we enjoy are the fries. They call it the Banh Mi Poutine which is thrice-cooked fries, gravy sauce, pickled veggies, siracha, cheese, jalapenos, and cilantro.


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