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LIFESTYLE - FOOD - 01.22.2019

Sinaloa is known for having great seafood and this place in Sonora which is called "Mariscos Sinaloa" serves the best Sinaloan style tacos this side of the border. The tacos are usually served on two slightly toasted corn tortillas with creamy hot sauce, chopped cabbage, and lemon juice. The shrimp itself seems to be cooked with a red sauce but I'm sure they have their own secret recipe for this that I may not be able to figure out.

I wish they had a place like this back in LA but I guess it makes it that much more special when we come down to visit. The first time we came here I remember ordering the coconut with shrimp, diced cucumbers, scallops, and octopus. This is also one of my favorite things to eat when I visit my parents. There are other places that serve coconuts with seafood in it but this place probably has the ones I've liked the most.


I used to come here before I started dating Gerald and I remember always telling him that he would love these tacos especially since I know his favorite type of seafood is shrimp. These tacos pack a good amount of flavor and a great mix of fresh ingredients and textures. When Gerald finally got a chance to try them he loved them even more than I thought he would. He'll eat about 4 or 5 of them. They aren't too spicy either so I think some people that aren't used to eating spicy food will be able to enjoy them without having their mouths on fire.

The Poseidon

If you like spicy food this one is for you. I love spicy seafood but the first I had this my mouth was on fire. It's a delicious combination of shrimp ceviche, big chunks of cucumber, octopus, avocado, red onions and an extremely hot red sauce.


Even though Magdalena de Kino is a place that has a little more tourism than other cities in Sonora, the food overall is not very expensive. When we come here we usually bring my parents and with all the tacos, coconuts and drinks for 4 people it still ends up costing less than half of what we would probably pay back in California. The only bad thing I would say is that we've been here a couple of times and they were closed, unfortunately. Most of the time we've been lucky enough to make the drive and have a chance to enjoy some delicious Sinaloa style shrimp tacos. 


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