Cruzitas Deli & Café

LIFESTYLE - FOOD - 03.14.2019

If you like eating freshly made food and being surrounded by art, then this place is for you. I found this hidden gem a couple of years back when I was contemplating on what to eat. I looked up places near me on Yelp and voila! I saw pics and read reviews, and it seemed like an outstanding choice.

Cruzitas Deli & Café has about five tables. One, which is a retro and artsy corner. They have vintage looking sofa chairs. They also display local artist’s paintings and drawing. I love that they support local farmers markets and even Homeboy Industries.

Having spicy food is part of my everyday life; this is the reason I decided to try their chicken chipotle panini. It has deli like slices of chicken, red bell peppers, and a delicious creamy chipotle sauce. The bread is ciabatta which goes well with all that sauce. It also comes with a side salad. The salad usually contains mixed greens, almond slices, and dried cranberries. They make their dressings, and one of my favorite ones was the raspberry vinaigrette. They haven’t had it in a while, and I want it back. This panini is amazing! If you like a little kick, then you will love it.

The second thing I ordered was an iced coffee. I noticed Cruzitas serves cafe de olla. It contains piloncillo, which is an unrefined sugar, usually used in Latin or Central America.

Cruzitas Grilled Cheese

If you like grilled cheese sandwiches this version is one I would highly recommend you try.

It also has cinnamon, but the most significant difference from other coffees is that you brew it in a clay pot, which gives it its unique flavor. I ask for it with whole milk and ice. Oh, and the best part of all is that they use organic coffee beans to brew this magic liquid. A must try!

I love sticking to my usual when I visit my favorite places, but I had to try something new. I ended up ordering the Cruzitas grilled cheese. I was not disappointed. If you love grilled cheese but don’t like to have it, due to the low nutritional value, this is the adult version and packed with lots of veggie goodness. It comes with two types of cheese, roasted bell peppers and the right amount of fresh spinach. Served on a sourdough bread toasted to perfection makes this an ideal combo. Like most of their meals, it comes with a side salad. Their grilled cheese sandwich is a meal that can satisfy your guilty pleasures and yet you'll feel great after you eat it.

If you live near Huntington Park or are a food aficionado, you need to come and try this place. This hidden gem has so many delicious and healthy choices which include some items on the menu that are vegan-friendly as well.


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