Best Sushi I've Had Yet

LIFESTYLE - FOOD - 01.22.2019

One of the great benefits of living in Los Angeles is that you have so many options when it comes to food. Maybe too many, but hey, I rather have too many than too few. Even though I have tried many sushi places in different cities all over the US, Cho Cho San is still number one on my list. I have been coming to this restaurant for about seven years. They have two locations in the valley, one in the city of Encino and the other one in Tarzana but I prefer the latter.


My favorite thing to eat is the triple nine. These guys make this sushi roll with fried tempura shrimp, crab mix inside and spicy tuna, seared on the outside, topped with a thin slice of jalapeño, spicy mayo, and Siracha; you can't wrong with this if you're into food with a kick. It is an explosion of flavor and heat in your mouth. Just typing this is making my mouth water! When I go, I always ask to be seated near Joe, the best sushi chef ever! He has the magic touch and never disappoints.


Another great thing on the menu is the garlic edamame. If you like garlic, you will be back for more because of all of the diced garlic and thin crispy slices of garlic it has. They also serve this with a wedge of lemon, which I love. The combination of the triple nine and the garlic edamame is genuinely fabulous.

The 999

This is still my favorite sushi roll. No matter what sushi restaurant I've visited, no other sushi roll has been able to beat this one for me. It tastes great and I love the spicy kick it has the thin slice of jalapeño on top.

It's the main reason why I usually order it as soon as I arrive so that by the time the chef delivers the sushi roll, I can combine them both. The third thing I really enjoy is the albacore sashimi. It has a sweet sauce on top and crispy onions. Deliciousness! The sashimi melts in your mouth. If you enjoy fresh fish sushi, you need to give it a try! Cho Cho San is in the valley, which isn't too close but way worth the drive.


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