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Winter Skin Care Tips

Last winter I had noticed the skin on my face feeling dry and peeling a lot. I did some research, and one of the things that stood out the most was to stay as hydrated as possible. I've found that keeping my body hydrated has helped my skin feel and look better. Drinking more water is an obvious solution but enjoying some veggies that are high in water content will also add some moisture to your skin. My two favorites are cucumbers and celery sticks since they naturally contain lots of H2O which definitely makes both of these an ideal snack when you’re trying to keep your skin and your overall body hydrated. I'm Mexican, and one of the things we love most is spicy fruits mixed with cucumbers and fresh lemon juice. As a kid, cucumber with chili powder sprinkled on top was one of my favorite snacks, but the fact that these veggies can help your skin keep moist is an added bonus.

You can also drink vegetable juice. I recently tried a juice mix that Gerald recommended which includes celery, carrots, and an orange. It's effortless to make, tastes great and is refreshing, especially with lots of ice. After about two weeks of drinking it every day I noticed my skin looked and felt better. Another thing I didn't know about but found out because of my boyfriend having back problems was that keeping hydrated can help your back because the disks in your spine are made up of mostly water so keeping hydrated will help you if you have back problems as well. His chiropractor recommended he stay hydrated because the disks in your spine are usually the last place that gets water.  I always remember hearing people in tropical places having moist skin so using a humidifier can help your skin too. Winter can usually cause low humidity and turning on the heater is something most of us like to do so be careful with having your heater, furnace or fireplace on for too long because this can lower the humidity of the room. To keep your skin soft you can also try switching up your moisturizing cream. I think it does depend on your skin type since we are all different but using a moisturizer that is rich and oil-based should help you during the dry winter months. I've also heard that taking omega-3 fats helps your skin stay smooth and soft. I use them for memory and brain health but if it helps keep your skin stay healthier, even better.

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